Big Rig Roast: Whole Bean Coffee 36 oz (3-Pack 12 oz Bags) Monthly Delivery

Big Rig Roast: Whole Bean Coffee 36 oz (3-Pack 12 oz Bags) Monthly Delivery
Whole Bean Coffee
Truck Stop Organics: Big Rig Roast Whole Bean Coffee - You will receive a 3-pack of Big Rig Roast 12oz bags with a recurring monthly subscription.
Having company or just drink a lot of coffee? This 36 oz pack of Big Rig Roast whole bean coffee is for you.

The Big Rig is our darkest roast. A French roast allows the coffee bean's oil to rise to the surface and therefore will lead to a dark and robust bittersweet flavor. The Big Rig roast has the most body of all our coffees. With rich notes of chocolate and caramel, this bold roast is perfect for those who don't shy from a strong and deep flavor.

We offer some of the best organic coffee beans on the market—for the right price. We have worked with our partner farms in Latin America since 2014, sourcing the best beans and bringing them to you.

Big Rig Roast FAQ:

Is this coffee oily? The beans of this dark roast have prominent oil, as the extended roasting brings them to the bean’s surface.

Is this coffee bitter? Even a dark roast shouldn’t be bitter—this dark roast coffee is bold and smooth.

I like darker coffees—is Big Rig Roast for me? Yes! The Big Rig Roast is our darkest roast (short of our Rumble Strip Espresso). The flavor notes of the Big Rig Roast are often described as rich chocolate and caramel.

I’ve never tried Truck Stop Organics. Should I try Big Rig Roast? Any of our coffees are great for first time customers—it all depends on your preference. New coffee drinkers might prefer the High Road or Daybreak Roast, a medium full city roast slightly lighter than the High Road. If you’re after a dark, robust and rich flavor, try this!

Roast: French Roast.

Flavor: Bold, Rich, and Smoky.

Organic, 100% Arabica whole bean coffee.

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